The power icons art

Hey guys! Have you missed your favorite Gods? Today I’m gonna show you how we designed their power icons. Keep reading and take a look! 😉

The bittersweet God of the Underworld

Hades is as cruel as he is benevolent. Most of his powers are very connected to spiritual matters and death. And he was also capable of making people wealthy by giving them a soil very rich in ore.

Purple, white and black are his main colors. Black and white as the shadow and light he can bring to someone’s life and the purple representing all his misterious-spiritual-mental-ghostly personality. Now, let’s see some of his power and icons into detail:

Eternal grief

The loss of loved ones becomes an even more painful and difficult event to overcome, fueling Hades with tears and lamentations of mortals.

Impacts: Happiness


Underworld chaos

Hades sends devastating cataclysms to the nation, destroying cities, decreasing citizens’ health and making fatal victims.

Impacts: Climate, Health, Wealth


Without a trace

The souls of historical martyrs are invited to a banquet , eating the Food of Forgetfulness and being totally erased from history.

Impacts: Culture


Divine crystals

Crystals with regenerative energies appear in the territory’s soil, improving the inhabitants’ life and health.

Impacts: Health, Happiness


The power of war

The Hades’ priests encourage rulers to strengthen military power of the nation and to take war as a priority option for solving external conflicts.

Impacts: Pacifism


Fair punishment

As a fair and rational god, Hades influences all judges and leaders of a nation to act fairly and respect the laws when applying punishments.

Impacts: Order


Athena, Mrs. nice girl

Most of Athena’s blessings aims to bring peace, protection and wise decisions to the population and its government. But she can also be mean and violent sometimes.

White represents all peace and justice she wants to provide for her worshippers. Brown remember us how tough and brave this goddess is. And the gold shows how she stands out by her wisdom and success.

Sister’s bond

Athena protects women against attacks they may suffer following her own steps from the mythological times, when she was also known as a women’s guardian.

Impacts: Order


Olive oil

The lands impacted by this power are able to grow olive trees, symbol of Athena, in great ease which creates a new income to the nation.

Impacts: Wealth


Children of the light

Athena sends peaceful and culturally commited children to born in the selected nation.

Impacts: Pacifism, Culture, Diplomacy


Good-bye, bright minds!

Main intellectual personalities of the nation will abandon their activities to dedicate their lives spreading Athena’s teachings.

Impacts: Education, Culture


Lost identity

The cultural tradition of a country is ignored by its owm population, that is being manipulated by Athena’s priestesses to replace it by mass culture behavior.

Impacts: Culture


Incitement of evil

Priestesses of Athena advise nation’s rulers to start wars against random countries to gain power.

Impacts: Pacifism, Diplomacy



Protector of thiefs and merchants, Hermes.

Hermes is really such a dualistic god. He creates, makes people rich, protects livestocks and erradicates diseases, but he also destroys, encourages thiefs, kills the cattle and spreads plagues. He might look like an adventurer exploring all his possibilities!

The white color is there to represent the protection he gives to almost everybody: drivers, merchants, thiefs, cattle, inventors… bronze is a mix of metals (same way Hermes is a mix of opposite behaviors) and its color also represents energy and impetuosity.

Shepherd’s rejoice

The flocks of sheep and livestock will be healthy, well nourished and fertile thanks to Hermes’ blessings.

Impacts: Wealth


Divine improvements

Hermes brings an unexpected improvement in the economy, education and people’s participation in cultural activities.

Impacts: Education, Wealth, Culture


Poetry’s enchantment

Hermes writes sacred poetry that eradicates diseases and ends conflicts from which the nation is suffering for.

Impacts: Health, Pacifism


Deadly poetry

The nation is plagued by an increase in accidents and epidemics, brought through curses written in the form of poetry by the God himself.

Impacts: Health


Stolen by a god

Hermes urges thieves of a nation to steal precious goods and put them in a pyre as a favor to the God in exchange for protection in their thefts.

Impacts: Order

Why just Hermes, Athena and Hades?

As we explained here, Anthropomachy’s demo version will contemplate just 3 of 10-15 Gods from the final version, each one of them with 20 different powers. We choose these 3 deities because they have such different personalities!  We thought they would be the best combination to our first sample! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed our power icons to each god (and what they do too!). If you have any feedback, you know what to do.

See you soon!