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Anthropomachy is developed by Toy Box Lab, a game company founded in 2017.
Early Access release date: March/2019
Plataform: PC
News: Blog
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Anthropomachy is an RTS that tells the story of how Greek gods, relegated to mere myth in modern times, come back to reclaim Earth. The player then personifies this god in his quest for world domination, evolving his traits and acquiring powers to convert territories throughout the world. While each god has his own specific motivation and skills, it is up to the player to choose if his conversion will come through benevolent or cruel methods.
The game encourages the player to understand real-life political and social aspects as countries attributes were measured by real data. So, for instance if a player casts a wealth-inducing power on a very poor nation it will have a much bigger impact than on an already wealthy country.


Toy Box Lab was founded by Ivan and Gabrielle in 2017 after months of planning with the focus of being a company that delivers amazing games while maintaining a healthy work-life balance for all employees. At Toy Box Lab, we believe that making games should be just as fun as playing them and that no one should sacrifice their personal life to be stuck in an office doing crunch.

A little while before even formalizing the company’s existence, Gabrielle had a dream about Greek Gods trying to reconquer Earth with their mighty powers. After waking up and filling pages upon pages of mechanics, powers , lore and everything else she had in mind, both her and Ivan agreed it looked like a great game and started to produce it right away. That idea is now known as Anthropomachy.


  • True-to-life political scenario: 71 distinct territories with stats modeled after their real-life counterparts;
  • Twelve major and nine minor gods: From the very famous to the most uncommon Greek myths;
  • Real-time events that can change your entire strategy: a truly unique experience every time you play;
  • More than 250 divine abilities: all of them based on actual mythological tales about its God;
  • Shape your deity as you wish: You want the benevolent Persephone to be more egocentric? And what about a violent Athena? The power is in your hands;
  • Use your blessings or curses to gain faith: use it to buy more abilities, develop more traits and even recruit a minor god to your conquering quest;
  • Freedom to decide the world’s destiny : Do whatever you want to a nation but make the wrong decision and lose followers in the territory.





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Gabrielle Damas Alvarez
Game designer, Marketing

Ivan Monteiro Prado
Game designer, Programmer


Camila Medeiros
Character Design