Throughout history, civilizations have risen and fallen, each with its particular culture, costumes and myths. With the evolution of human knowledge and the advent of modern technology, humanity has become more and more skeptic and have strayed away from their deities.

But centuries of glory and power cannot be forgotten….

Get ready for conquering the world in the name of a Supreme Being. But don’t think it’s going to be that easy. Humans have evolved in many aspects since the mythological times, so be wise while using the power of your God: Give some to those who have nothing and they will love you. Take a lot from those who have all and they will fear your. In the end, both will praise you.

Choose your God, evolve his traits and acquire new abilities. Take control and conquer over 7.5 billion of potential worshipers. Convert territories, gain worshipers and make Earth belong to Them once again! Long live the Greek Gods!

maing gods


  • True-to-life political scenario: 71 distinct territories with stats modeled after their real-life counterparts;
  • Twelve major and nine minor gods: From the very famous to the most uncommon Greek myths;


  • Real-time events that can change your entire strategy: a truly unique experience every time you play;
  • More than 250 divine abilities: all of them based on actual mythological tales about its God;
  • Shape your deity as you wish: You want the benevolent Persephone to be more egocentric? And what about a violent Athena? The power is in your hands;
  • Use your blessings or curses to gain faith: use it to buy more abilities, develop more traits and even recruit a minor god to your conquering quest;
  • Freedom to decide the world’s destiny: Do whatever you want to a nation but make the wrong decision and lose followers in the territory.


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