About us

Toy Box Lab:

Toy Box Lab exists in the founder’s hearts since 2016 but it’s debuting in the gaming market in 2017. The meaning of the name summarizes what the company is all about: A toy box is full of possibilities and when allied to a child’s imagination results in whole new worlds being created with the utmost fun! A lab is where the most fantastic experiments happens and where most scientific discoveries happen or are proven. This goes perfectly with what we want for our games: Unique experiences where we can deliver fun through creative narratives and innovative gameplay!

Mission and Vision:

Toy Box Lab is a game company aiming to offer unique experiences and quality entertainment to everybody. From hardcore to casual gamer, we believe that we can change people’s perception of the world through gaming.
On top of that, we believe that changing people’s perception begins with our own attitudes. Every game company can sell you a fairy tale world while being brutal to their own employee’s personal lives. Long hours and aggressive deadlines are the known standard in the game industry. At Toy Box Lab, we support a flexible work environment in order for our own team to spend quality time with their loved ones as well. After all, having fun and relaxing is what gaming is all about!

Our founders:

Ivan and Gabrielle. Nice to meet you!

Ivan is one of the founders and the CEO. After working for years in major companies, he realized that a more fun and lighter way of working was essencial. Putting together this vision for a better workplace with his own passion about games resulted in Toy Box Lab’s concept. He’s the Lead Game Designer and Programmer – therefore being the one you can blame for most bugs.

Gabrielle is the other founder and the head of Marketing. While working on completely different industries, she also came to the same conclusion that most modern workplaces would not allow for a healthy balance between work and personal life. Her business acumen is what probably got you reading this text, since all marketing activities go through her. (Hello!)

What’s with all the purple?

After we decided the company’s name and the logo design, the color was another element that we used to represent the fun and emotional connection that Toy Box Lab intends to provide through our games. Beyond representing creativity and imagination, purple is also known as a color that causes a sense of satisfaction, which is what a good game should ultimately offer to the players.