#4 The Dev Lab: Shaping Greek Gods

Helloooooo! This is Gabrielle invading The Dev Lab to talk a little bit more about our game. But fear not, dear reader: I’m not here to make a mess and fly away. Actually, I also work as a game designer with Ivan in Anthropomachy. 😉 So I’m here to explain a bit of what I’m creating right now: abilities of our main gods!

Ancient gods but not so ancient powers

To rule the world, our god must conquer all nations available in the game. And there’s just one way of doing that: impacting the attributes to make citizens lives easier or harder. So, even if Hermes was born in the year of 700 B.C.E., he still needs to adjust his tactics to the XXI century:

The communications god also understood that he might get a lot of support from Chiefs of State if he send his priests (very influent people he selected to represent him on Earth) to make them more effective with deals:

He can also be successful using his old abilities, such as magic and mastery in poetry, to change modern lifes! I guess humanity hasn’t changed so much after all:

Let’s respect their mythologies!


It would be pointless to borrow some amazingly well-elaborated gods and mess up with their mythologies. It’s true that we needed to adapt stuff to offer a great gameplay. But as huge fans from Greek mythology, we would never ever disrespect it somehow. So here’s how we used these awesome myths in your game!

In the mythological times, Athena offered the olive tree to gain patronage over Athens. So why not do it again to gather some worshipping? Olives are great to produce some valuable oil. I’m pretty sure some nations will be grateful for having one more income source:

And what about all those episodes when she punished women’s molesters? Remember she also made a choice to keep her chastity and couldn’t never allow something like this to happen to herself:

Even though she was mostly a brave and kind-hearted goddess, she still can be evil if the player decides so. And yet, she still follows her principles! Athena is the goddess of war and wisdom, and she trully believes education and culture are synonymous of life quality. So here what she does when being egocentric and mean:

Why do they want to conquer mankind?


Well, because they’re bored after so many years left behind, just being studied as mere myths. But the truth is each one of them is looking to accomplish something different by conquering Earth to themselves. Let’s see what our friend Hades wants:

Hades sees no reason for a planet to be so full of anguish and lack of compassion among fellow humans, and believes death is the only way to bring peace to the surface population. Therefore, he intends to conquer Earth and convince mankind to hand over their souls to the Underworld, thus increasing the size of his kingdom.

For a god that couldn’t have his name said out loud, he’s showing some great sensitivity, huh? He can be so complaisant:

But he sure can be a dark soul too:

Hermes, Athena, Hades – why I’m showing you these three gods?

In the ‘Anthropomachy’ demo, these three gods will show us how much our gameplay is attractive. Since every god has 20 different abilities (10 blessings/10 curses) and 9 traits to be explored by the player to create a goodish/devilish personality impacting up to 9 country attributes, we need to work with a small but still satisfactory number of gods. We expect to have from 10-12 main gods in the final version of Anthropomachy, (and 9 awesome secundary ones) but just time will decide that.

In the next post from “The Dev Lab” series, expect more information about traits, attribute impacts and priests. (Every god will have some available to them – deities won’t show their real form to humans! ) By now, you can read a bit more about it here.

Please feel free to submit your feedbacks and first impressions to our team! There’s so many ways you can do that! 

Enjoy the last day of January and happy February!

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