#1 The Dev Lab: Our first game

Hello girls and boys, this time it’s-a-me, Ivan for the first time speaking directly to you!

And I’m starting with awesome news: We have made our first strides and our very first game is now officially under production (Stuff has been coded!). You may have noticed that we updated our Games page to reflect some of the changes we made this past week. And a lot more is yet to come.

Our still unnamed game (which has a working title who probably will become the real deal, more news on that later) will take place in modern times but through the eyes of an ancient deity. Understanding the cultural and political environment around you (IRL and in-game) will be crucial as these are the aspects that will affect the people’s decision in worshipping you. Of course that all of that with the powers that come with being a greek god tend to shake things up a bit.

So right now we are making some key decisions regarding gameplay, amount of gods for you to choose (we’re thinking something around 13~15 gods for starters). Of course these gods will have all sorts of different abilities (a lot of time has been put in researching ancient belief systems and what makes sense for each god). And as a god, of course we are not stopping you from taking whichever strategy you deem better. Be a kind god, be a cruel god, good or evil, it is really up to you.


Athena for our first game

One of those gods, Athena. Almost finished.


With that we believe we are giving you more tactical options that we can count. Each country has his own attributes and challenges, each god has his strengths and weaknesses and each player has his motivations. TBH I can’t even fathom how each game is going to go. Which is a good thing in my book.

But anyway, this was just a “get to know you” post and I wanted to give you these news.

Soon you will get to see a little bit of our map and maybe some more concept art? We’ll see.

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See you all soon.