#8 The Dev Lab – The Minor Gods

Hello guys! Have you been following us lately? If so, you already know we’ve dedicated October to show you all the nine minor gods who’ll be featured in the Anthropomachy! If you haven’t, I suggest you to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Reddit because we’re posting new stuff about our development process in social media all the time. 🙂 In today’s post, I want to show you how those Gods will appear on the game – and what are they apt to do as well. If you want to see the original version of them, look through our timelines in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. 

Who are the minor Gods?

Aeolus - Eris - Hebe

Aeolus – Eris – Hebe

The minor Gods are the secondary forces that will help the main Gods conquering Earth. They were chosen based on the possibility of creating abilities that could affect the nation’s attributes in a realistic way. We also tried to choose Gods that are not so explored by games and pop culture in general, like Aeolus or Thalassa. It’s nice to have some different characters to play, right? So here’s our picks:

  1. Aeolus: Divine keeper of the winds;
  2. Eris: Goddess of chaos and discord;
  3. Hebe: Goddess of youth;
  4. Hecate: Goddess of magic and necromancy;
  5. Mnemosyne: Titaness of memory and knowledge;
  6. Morpheus: God of dreams;
  7. Nemesis: Goddess of revenge;
  8. Thalassa: Primordial goddess of sea and all its creatures;
  9. Thêmis: Titaness of justice and collective consciousness.

I know some people really missed Eros and other deities connected to love & pleasure matters, but here’s the reason they weren’t selected: since all abilities must follow the principles of the God’s mythology, it’s really hard to figure out a way to make such gods able to impact political and economical aspects without sounding forced. But I think there’s a main God to be featured in the final launch that will let you all pretty happy 😉

Which one is your favorite? I really like Hebe and Thalassa, they look so adorable! <3

Will they help me?

Hecate - Mnemosyne - Morpheus

Hecate – Mnemosyne – Morpheus

All they wanna do is help you! Or better saying, the main God you choose. When you pick your favorite main God, he’s able to impact 7 out of 9 different attributes. If you feel that’s not enough to accomplish world domination, you can summon one of the minor gods. Let’s suppose you selected Hermes as your main God and you really need to impact the happiness attribute of a nation in a positive way, which he doesn’t. Hebe has an ability that makes people happy using the benevolence trait that might fit your needs.

All minor Gods have two abilites that impact two different attributes and when you choose one of them you’re actually adding two more abilities in the main God ability tree, being those two extremely powerful abilities. As an example, Hebe has ‘Divine Drink’, that affects happiness as you were looking for in our example, and ‘Divine Food’ that impacts health.

How can I have one?

Nemesis - Thalassa - Themis

Nemesis – Thalassa – Themis

To summon a minor God to help you it’s necessary to have a certain amount of Faith. You see, even though they’re ‘secondary’ and have just two abilities, they’re really powerful and can make a major impact. The trick here is doing a nice job with your main God and being a good manager to your faith while deciding between purchasing new abilities, evolving traits or summoning minor gods. And please don’t forget to check what attributes you God is already capable of impact before choosing your divine helper, uh? #devtips

And what’s up with TBL?

It’s been a while since the last time we spoke about our development process, right? So here’s the last news:

  • Unfortunately one of the artists who were working for us is facing personal issues and needed to take a leave of absence. We thank him for all the work ans wish him the best in this difficult time.
  • We decided to change our main God screen selection to something that matches a bit more of our game. We’ll be posting it as soon as we’ve finished designing it.
  • We created an official Q&A thread on Reddit! Go ask us whatever you want! 😀
  • I’m pretty aware of how out of date is our game page xD and I’m so sorry about that. We’re going to change it up a bit and update it soon, we’re just focused full-time on finishing up our UI and coding that we could not keep everything on the website up do date. Oh, the struggles of a two person team……..
  • Next steps in development: Ivan will continue to code and test our gameplay and both of us need to recreate our event database. Living in 2018 is really something, we came up with some really absurd political scenarios and some governments apparently liked our ideas and decided to implement it on their countries in real life (Seriously, there are stuff that we though was outrageous and that became true)!
  • Since we had some delays due to changing team members and missed a couple of deadlines because of it we think that, unfortunately, starting the early access in this December looks pretty unlikely. We’ll be probably postponing it to January of 2019 but we’ll make this official when we’re sure we sorted out all loose ends. Please stay with us and don’t be shy to give us any feedback you want. That’s the best! =D

That’s all my friends! See you soon!