A Game Needs a Name


n. Greek Mythology applied to nowadays

1. The battle in which mythologic gods are trying to conquer the human race and take back all prestige they enjoyed in the past; 2. An attempt gods are making to gather worshippers all over the Earth, sending blessings and curses expecting love or fear; 3. A exciting game being produced by Toy Box Lab.

The name:
Yaaaas! After some Dev Labs posted by Ivan (our Game Designer) and many descriptions of gameplay plus some art screenshots, I’m finally back to share something we’re all very proud of: our game name. The entire game is influenced by greek mythology and neoclassical art combined to present days. How could the name be something any different from this?

Our first step to define a name was to do a lot of research. Finally, we came across the events of ‘Gigantomachy’ and ‘Titanomachy’ and it inspired us a lot! Are you curious to know how we did this connection?

The greek gods fought the giants and titans to establish themselves as the new rulers in ancient times. In the game, they have the same goal but their strategy must be different: instead of decimating human beings as they did with their previous enemies (which would be senseless since it wouldn’t left anyone to praise them) the gods are sending blessings and curses as a way to fight. So, we have the machy (the equivalent of the greek ‘machia’, which means fighting) and we just needed to define against who this fight is. Since the gods ultimate goal is to conquer mankind, and every action you take will have an effect on people, it seemed obvious that we needed something along that line. Well, how about the word for ‘human’ in greek? And there was our Anthropo!

So that’s it: We called our first game Anthropomachy! 😀

The logo:
As we’ve been telling you on our latest posts here and in our social media, we have decided the name some time ago. The only thing that was pulling us back to reveal it sooner was the logo. We didn’t want to say the name without showing you it’s brand! So take a look:

Anthropomachy's Logo

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Neoclassical architecture (which is a greek revival, especially from doric style) is inspiring the structure, as you can see by the triangular pediment and clean aspect. We also have the greek key that was the most common decorative border element of ancient Greece and the Vergina Sun. The last one is believed to have being used as a symbol of power by Philip II of Macedon and appear here as an allusion to the great force of ancient gods. And last but not least we have this beautiful golden typeface, as bright as the divine main characters of Anthropomachy.

That’s it, folks! You don’t have to call our game ‘that greek game’ anymore. You can call it Anthropomachy. I hope you all enjoyed it. 🙂 Please feel free to give us any feedback and please subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates as soon as we have them!

See ya!