Introducing Camila: our artist

What makes a great game? Story? Realistic graphics? Precise gameplay? Immersive soundtrack? The way I see things, all these elements need to match perfectly for us to be involved with a narrative. So Ivan and I already had a plot and tools to code the game. Yay! But what about art? How could we design our characters just as special and exquisite as we wanted them to be? The thing is: we couldn’t. But a friend of mine surely could.

Camila's art

I met Camila in 2011 while studying Graphic Design (turns out I just liked the branding topics and gave up two years later to start a Business Administration degree) and everything she did was so amazing! I would always see her as an inspiration and tried pretty much to imitate her when I tried to draw. She creates characters with such a glowing expression! And even when I changed courses, she was the only friend from Graphic Design I kept in touch.

Camila's Fanart "Battle for gold"

Entry for Blizzard fanart contest

Last year, when Ivan and I were pretty decided about founding Toy Box Lab, even before thinking about looking for someone on specialized sources, her name came to my head and he gladly agreed on inviting her to join us: he also knew Camila as me and him are together since 2011 as well (yep, we’re a couple) and thought how a great idea it was since she was very talented and a nice friend to me. (we care about the work environment and we will always look for kind people to be part of the TBL.) Fortunately, Camila saw it as a great opportunity of working with a product she is very keen on and was already looking for.

“Zelda – Ocarine of Time” fanart

“Zelda – Ocarina of Time” fanart

After a couple of paperwork-filled months setting up the company, we were ready to welcome her and she became part of our team.  And what a brilliant addition to the company she turned out to be! All these art pieces in this post were made by her! Aren’t they amazingly beautiful? Besides being talented, Camila is also a proud gamer and legitimate geek. Many of her art pieces are inspired by anime, manga, games and other related themes. And cute animals as the one below:

Soon we’ll be posting more about our game and you will be able to see more of her beautiful work. Camila, it’s a pleasure to have such a gifted artist and gentle human being in our team! 🙂 Welcome to Toy Box Lab!